Avoiding Whiplash

Dr. Arthur Croft, a Doctor of chiropractic, accident reconstructionist, and epidemiologist, who is a world-renowned whiplash injury expert, shares six ways to minimize pain and suffering before and after a whiplash accident. (Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm, Auto Accident and Whiplash Chiropractor serving Bozeman, MT is an advanced certified graduate of Dr. Croft's Spine Research Institute of San Diego.)

1. Shop for a Safer Car

Before you buy your next car, compare vehicle structural design, vehicle size and weight, and restraint systems including seat belts, air bags, head restraints, and crash avoidance features. Small cars put you and your passengers at greater risk, so consider mass and crash-worthiness. Also, check Insurance Institute Highway Safety ratings.

2. Keep head rests in UP position.

Eighty percent of cars have the head restraint adjusted in the LOW position, yet research reveals that having no head restraint is safer than having one in the LOW position. Some add-on head restraints are available, but check first for safety and ease of installation.

3. No crush, no crash?

Within a certain range of crash speeds, when there is NO DAMAGE to the vehicle, whiplash injuries are more prevalent than when the vehicle is damaged. The reason is that the energy that's used up in crushing parts of the car is not transmitted to the occupant.

4. Seek treatment immediately.

It is a huge advantage to a victim's recovery to begin treating the whiplash injury within two weeks after the accident by a doctor who specializes in whiplash injuries. Immediate treatment will decrease the likelihood of a painful, chronic condition.

5. Do what your doctor orders.

Exercises, ice, nutrition, soft collars for the first few days, adjusted work stations, deep tissue work in the early stages do exactly what your doctor prescribes.

6. Think ergonomically.

Positions to avoid, how to sleep, conditions at work these are everyday factors that can hasten healing.

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Prepare to Crash!
Most accidents happen lightning-fast, but if you do have time to prepare, use these tips to minimize whiplash injury:

  • Put your head and your neck all the way back so that you are in contact with the seat back and the properly adjusted head restraint.
  • Straight-arm the steering wheel and get a good grip.
  • If you are completely stopped, put your foot on the brake as hard as you can.
  • Look straight ahead, not in the rearview mirror. Do not have your head turned.
  • Put your neck back slightly so your eyes are looking at about the top of the windshield.
  • Scrunch your shoulders up toward your ears and brace for impact.

These tips were provided by Dr. Arthur Croft of The Spine Research Institute of San Diego
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Vol. 11, No. 5