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The word "whiplash" is used to describe a mechanism of injury characterized by a quick hyperextension immediately followed hyperflexion of the neck and head, resulting in damage to the tendons, ligaments and muscles in the body, and especially the ones surrounding the head. Today, it is believed that whiplash injuries from a car or auto accident are mostly caused by a

very rapid extension and flexion of the head and neck, and not the previously thought notion of hyperextension/hyperflexion (movement beyond the normal physiological limits of the body).

Since whiplash injuries are extremely complicated in nature and profoundly impact many of our lives, there are few other topics that are as controversial. When there is a broken bone, a simple x-ray can confirm the presence of the fracture and health care professionals can follow the appropriate standard of care in order to best treat and/or handle the injury. Whiplash injuries are much more complicated and involve a combination of disruptions in the nervous system, connective tissues, muscles and joints and are much more difficult to diagnose and treat.